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Pink Floyd Behind 'The Wall' Retrospective

The film 'Pink Floyd:The Wall' celebrates its 30th anniversary with a photographic 'behind the scenes retrospective' exhibition.
In 1982, Director Sir Alan Parker brought to life the cinematic version of Pink Floyd's conceptual music masterpiece 'The Wall'.
To commemorate the film's 30th anniversary, and with blessings from Sir Alan Parker, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd,
Bob Geldof and illustrator, Gerald Scarfe, Stills Photographer David Appleby presents for the first time his archive of
a unique photographic retrospective behind the scenes making of 'The Wall'.
This exhibition will feature over 40 never before seen images along with showcasing some of David's most classic iconic photographs that have become famously associated with the film, the music and in popular culture.

David Appleby has worked as a unit photographer in the film industry since the mid-70's and was hired by director Sir Alan Parker as the films publicity
and documentary photographer.
'The story and the visual of the film is so powerful that for me it was a wonderful challenge to create still pictures that best represent the movie and
its atmosphere but you don't think what your work is going to become later on', recalls David. 'It's a never-ending amazing experience for me to see how
something I photographed 30 years ago still carries the same impact two, three generations on.'

Pinewood Studio's very own photographic lab, now known as Film Solutions Photographic Centre, was the photographic service provider to the original
production of the movie of 'The Wall'. Over 40 Black and White images will beshowcased, traditionally hand printed by dish on silver gelatine from the
original negatives by Tara Renee of Silverbase at Film Solutions Photographic Centre Pinewood Studios.
'We are proud to be reunited once again after 30 years with David Appleby and his incredible images', says Tara. 'This exhibition will certainly introduce
fans to a new experience of 'The Wall', not only as a rare photographic documentation through David's eyes but also to encourage people to take the
time to view the very core of unit stills photography and traditional practices as a respected photographic craft.'

The exhibition is sponsored by:
TCM (Turner Classic Movies), a dedicated UK
film channel and home of contemporary and classic favourites.
4 Matt Framers, Swanage
Ilford Photo Harman Technology Ltd
Film Solutions
Mind Head Publishing
Photographic Centre

With special thanks to Janette Dalley


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