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Nuni Ryder
Microscopic Photographs

Nuni Ryder has lived in Dorset most of her life. She studied photography at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth. In her final year she began to make images of the natural world using a high powered microscope. This work opened up an intriguing world of unimagined detail,
rich in texture and complex design. Since then she has enjoyed capturing the undetected
minutiae of life: whether it is an iridescent beetle or the delicate detail of a wild flower. Her work marries her love of nature with her sense for style and colour. Since leaving college and the microscope, Nuni has worked on a number of other projects including portraiture and erotica, which resulted in a book.
Microscopic Photographs:
My love of nature can be traced back to my childhood, brought up on a farm on the edge of Poole Harbour. My interest in photography began over twenty years ago whilst traveling extensively throughout the Middle and Far East, South America and sailing in the West Indies. Initial photographic studies began in London. This was followed by jobs as a freelance assistant for several well established food photographers, whose main work concentrated on editorials and cookery books. I have always been in awe of the natural world, especially mesmerized by its extraordinary diversity. I pay particular attention to the tiny details, especially the little creatures and plants surrounding my everyday life, a collection of which began some years ago. During my final year at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, I began making images of this collection on a high-powered microscope. Here I discovered a new way of looking at the familiar, an intriguing new world of unimagined detail, rich in texture and complex design. The results were both fascinating and exciting. they were no longer merely dead objects, the life in them still obviously apparent. The first body of work on the microscope resulted in an eighteen month touring exhibition, 'Mad About Bugs'. This series of photographs, whilst being representational of insects, unveiled an abstract canvas of detail and vibrant natural color which in many cases was not always visible to the naked eye. A selection of the work was published in the style guru's magazine, Viewpoint, and I was also interviewed for a local television programme, Three Minutes. The work involving sections of tiny flowers and feathers are individually photographed and pieced together, and not one large image cut up. Constricted by the scale of larger subjects on the microscope the idea developed to shoot individual frames to retain the unique detail not necessarily obvious to the naked eye, yet once the overall photograph is constructed the whole subject becomes clear. I would love to see this work printed up large enough to fill a whole wall. The idea for the pressed wild flower series began on a holiday in Portugal at Easter when the hillsides were covered in wild flowers. I did not have a camerathat could capture their tiny and delicate inticacies to the detail that I was after. I therefore collected some flowers, pressed them, brought them home and created these collages under the microscope. All the work is a celebration of my relationship to the natural world, in which I am constantly inspired. I have observed its unique beauty and have humbly attempted to create a personal vision of nature's art. I have been taking photographs for over twenty years and in that time I have explored many different aspects of image making, from travel documentary, to fine art and portraiture and erotica.

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  GALLERY: Microscopic British Insects


NR001  Swallowtail

Blue Bottle

NR002  Blue Bottle

Green Hairstreak

NR003  Green Hairstreak

Bufftip Moth

NR004  Bufftip Moth


NR005  Comma


NR006  Lacewing

Burnished Brass Moth

NR007  Burnished Brass Moth

Angel Shades Moth

NR008  Angel Shades Moth


NR009  Peacock


NR010  Comma


NR011  Brimstone

Emperor Dragonfly Wing

NR012  Emperor Dragonfly Wing

Stag Beetle

NR013  Stag Beetle

Small Elephant Hawkmoth

NR014  Small Elephant Hawkmoth

Common Blue

NR015  Common Blue

Comma Butterfly

NR016  Comma Butterfly

Puss Moth

NR017  Puss Moth

Orange Tip Butterfly

NR018  Orange Tip Butterfly

Elephant Hawkmoth

NR019  Elephant Hawkmoth

Five Spot Burnet Moth

NR020  Five Spot Burnet Moth

Clouded Yellow

NR021  Clouded Yellow

Emperor Dragonfly

NR022  Emperor Dragonfly

Rose Chafer Beetle

NR023  Rose Chafer Beetle

Comma Butterfly

NR024  Comma Butterfly

Common Blue Bottle

NR025  Common Blue Bottle

Clouded Yellow Butterfly

NR026  Clouded Yellow Butterfly

Gold Spot Moth

NR027  Gold Spot Moth

Peacock Butterfly

NR028  Peacock Butterfly

Clouded Yellow Butterfly

NR029  Clouded Yellow Butterfly

Clouded Yellow Butterfly

NR030  Clouded Yellow Butterfly

Chalkhill Blue Butterfly

NR031  Chalkhill Blue Butterfly

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

NR032  Hummingbird Hawkmoth

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