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Portfolio:Richard Heeps

Man's Ruin:
a 20-year photographic journey

IF PHOTOGRAPHY IS the capture of a definitive moment in time and space, then the distinctive photographs of Richard Heeps continually seek to challenge that simple perception.

ALL OF RICHARD HEEPS' images are available for purchase as limited edition prints, each one numbered and signed by the photographer.
Click thumbnails to view.

Prints are mounted to museum quality using archivally sound materials throughout. 30" x 40" and 24" x 20" size prints are supplied 'dry mounted'.

Prints are supplied framed in high quality black aluminium frames (see below).

For purchase enquiries, please contact Kate at the Photographers Lounge on 01929 424414.

Most images are available in four sizes:
40" x 30" (101cm x 76cm)
24" x 20" (61cm x 51cm).
20" x 16" (51cm x 41cm).
10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm).
Print sizes given refer to the full size of the sheet of photographic paper on which the image is printed. The actual image size will always be somewhat less than the sheet size quoted. The overall mounted and framed dimensions are slightly larger than the quoted print size.


Beachball Belles of Shoreditch Bonanza Cafe Buick Dust II Call Box Chevy & Sinful Barbies Costella Yacoucci Cowboy Deer I Deer II Dice I Dice II Dot's Diner Eileen Jo Boobs II Leaving Las Vegas Liberace's Piano Lisa Drag Strip Girl Lynn, Lisa, Charlotte & Theresa Mannequin Man's Ruin Tattoo Marina Bombay Beach Martini Corner Mascott Motel Desert Shores Nylons Palm Tree Party Doll Patrick's Bel Air Poolside Poolslide Poor Richard Raspberry Rocket III Some Like It Hot Spurs Stardust Dreams Starter Sun 45 Telephone I Telephone II Texaco Marine Tom Thumb Special Wendy Flamin' Eyeball II Wendy Resting Adult Entertainment Anita Lady Fen Book Bougainvillea Cats Earith Fish & Chips Van Flamingo Trailer Manual Motel Spa Pool Ploughman's Cottage Quiffs & Fins Saunders' Organ Michael & Delilah
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