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Shadows & High Life

Urban iconography and human indiscretion stand instinctively alongside vivid escapism and wry spontaniety to create an evocative festival of light, colour and narrative.

"I take pictures of whatever catches my eye. Sometimes the pictures have a humorous edge to them, sometimes they can be quite stark. I use film and digital, and I only really stick to one rule, and that is composition."Born in Southampton in 1959, Kitch's photography has become informed by his extensive travels: America, Europe, Africa and the Far East. After nearly two decades in Los Angeles, he returned to live in London in 1997.

"At the time there was the buzz of 'Cool Britannia' in the city so it was a great time to return to the motherland. I got accepted into the London College of Printing, where I studied computer graphics and illustration: I figured I should learn photo-editing because of the new era of digital photography."

Kitch now lives in Amsterdam, but he runs his own lighting design company in London.

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Splash Lucky 7s Banksy's Girl Becket & Spice Block Party Blue Jag Charlie Elvis Forgive Street Pension Fund No Access No Boys Sign of the Times Tug Street Party Banksy's Bomb Banksy's Pants Banksy's Barcode
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