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Portfolio:David Appleby

Behind 'The Wall' Retrospective

All photographs by David Appleby
©Tin Blue Ltd 1982

ALL OF DAVID APPLEBY'S images are available for purchase as special edition silver gelatine prints at 16" x 20"numbered and signed by the photographer and hand printed by dish from the original negatives by Tara Renee of Film Solutions Photographic Centre, Pinewood Studios.
The images are also available to purchase as archival giclee prints at 12"x16", 16" x 20" and 20"x24".
For purchase enquiries, please contact the Gallery on 01929 424414 or
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David Appleby began his career as a photographer in advertising and was
later introduced into the film industry by Lord David Puttnam and Sir Alan
Parker, with whom he formed close working relationships and joined them on
cinematic masterpieces such as 'The Killing Fields', 'The Mission', 'Mississippi
Burning' and 'Evita'.
He views his distinguished career as a natural outgrowth of his twin passions:
the cinema and photography. He has gone on to work with top filmmakers
including Sir Ridley Scott (Robin Hood), Terry Gilliam (Brazil), The Wachowski
Brothers (V For Vendetta) and Steven Spielberg's 'Warhorse'.
Tara Renee of Film Solutions Photographic Centre at Pinewood Studios has
worked alongside many well established Film Unit and Music Photographers,
printing from original music collections of John Lennon and The Rolling
Stones to film productions such as 'Withnail and I' and 'Warhorse'. She has
also served as a Traditional Photographic Consultant on productions such as
Universal's 'Wolfman' and several British Television productions including
'Miss Marple'.
Recently Tara has launched 'Silverbase' as part of a 50 year-old Traditional
Black and White service at Pinewood Studios. This has become a launch pad
for her desire to re-introduce Traditional Black and White as a noted modern
photographic entity within the film industry and create awareness for the
preservation and recognition of Unit Stills Photography as a photographic art
form and historical documentation.
Film Solutions Photographic Centre has a long prestigious history at
Pinewood Studios. It has serviced a great number of iconic productions over
the last 70 years including the classic 'Carry On' films, 'James Bond' titles,
and more recently Tim Burton's, Johnny Depp comedy 'Dark Shadows' and
Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller 'Prometheus'.


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